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Letter to the Editor(s) of the New York Times Regarding the Death of Prof Sir Peter Hall and High Speed Rail

Re: Making the Case for High-Speed Rail By THE EDITORIAL BOARD            AUG. 12, 2014 Re: Business Day Peter Hall, Who Devised the Enterprise Zone, Dies at 82 By WILLIAM YARDLEY            AUG. 6, 2014   Dear Editors,   On July 30, my mentor Professor Sir Peter Hall died after a long career championing regeneration projects across … Continue reading

Brian Garcia Energy Science Conference

UCL Energy, Society and People Symposium

UCL has an industrious and important research group that connects energy use, behavior, and social sciences research methods with the built environment. This photo is from a talk I gave on the importance of land use adaptation when implementing new public transport lines. Someone, probably many people said “every transit user is a pedestrian” so … Continue reading


Hollywood Bowl

When the aliens land, I will take them to the Hollywood Bowl to show them how well humans can interact. The Hollywood Bowl is one of my favorite actives (full stop). I try to go once a summer and the acts are very well chosen for the venue and playing at the Bowl has reduced … Continue reading


LA Metro Research

I will be working again at the LA Metro, this time in Environmental Compliance and Services. This will include the field work for my PhD and hopefully some other projects that the ECSD are working on. As usual, it is an exciting time for LA Metro because of the continued and rapid expansion of light … Continue reading



I am really enjoying living in London. It is a great place to study for a PhD with Central London offering some of the best Universities in the world within close walking distance: University College London, University of London, London Business School,  London School of Economics, King’s College London, and Imperial College London. This makes … Continue reading


New Delhi

I went to New Delhi for work for a weekend, and surprisingly  loved it! It was a place of intense contrasts, even more so than the usual large city. It has beautiful and striking historic architecture amidst dirty streets, peaceful – and well designed – gardens within earshot of noisy traffic, people trying to scam … Continue reading


California Center for Sustainable Communities at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

I was a visiting researcher at The Institute of the Environment and the California Center for Sustainable Communities of UCLA in 2012. I collaborated with them on transport oriented research and participated in a research exchange meeting regarding the center’s many ongoing projects. The center has many exciting projects in regards to urban metabolism, energy … Continue reading


LA Metro

Who says you have to drive in LA? Last time I was in LA I snapped some photos while taking the train. This is one of my favorite subway stations in the world. Designed by an artist and executed by LA Metro, it is a beautiful and futuristic platform. The LA Metro is super cheap … Continue reading


Arizona State University

In the heat of Summer 2012, I visited with professor Mikhail Chester of the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment Civil, Environmental and the Sustainbility Engineering Program. We are collaborating on research of the environmental impacts of transit oriented design. I spent a few days in Phoenix learning their environmental life cycle analysis … Continue reading


Walkshop Spring 2012

Last spring, the PhD students from the Bartlett School of Planning went on a walking workshop around the Kings Cross area of London. We started at the British Library, which is fantastic on the inside, and where a copy of  Magna Carta resides. We were given envelopes with instructions to open them at specific times. … Continue reading


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